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Brief Introduction of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association

作者:bet36体育在线 发布日期:2012年7月22日 星期日

Founded on April 19th 2001, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association (bet36体育在线) is a nongovernmental organization composed of 5 committees on IC design, manufacturing, testing & packaging, smart card, materials & equipments, and also other related enterprises of this industry.

bet36体育在线 has 485 member companies with a totally US$29.86billion investment and US$13.76billion registration capital. The number of the total employees of our members is 155473, among which 64952are technical employees. Based on the ownership, there are 205 foreign investment companies, 109 domestic investment companies, 60 Sino-foreign joint ventures /cooperative companies and 112 privately-run companies. Of the whole, there are 205 design companies, 13 manufacturing companies, 38 testing & packaging companies,98 materials & equipments companies, 3 device companies, 22 smart card companies and 106 R&D centers and investment management companies. 

Besides the 5 committees, bet36体育在线 has set up a common affairs office and 4 departments—R&D sector, policy service sector, training sector and information service sector. We transfer the latest industrial information through our officially registered website, monthly proceeding magazine IC Application and monthly briefing. bet36体育在线 helps the government in the implementing and corresponding of the policies, integrates and consummates the IC industry chain, collects and analyses statistical data, holds R&D cooperation and forums to encourage technical and business communication, establishes industrial standards and works on IP protecting.

President unit: Shanghai Huahong (Group) Co., Ltd.

President: Fu Wen-biao

Member as of right: Jiang Shou-lei

Secretary-general: Jiang Shou-lei

Add: Room 209 No.500 Bibo Road, Pudong New Area Shanghai PRC. 201203

Phone: 021-50805257

Fax: 021-50805259